Die Grünen–Die Grüne Alternative (GRÜNE)

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The most important information at a glance
Name Die Grünen–Die Grüne Alternative
Translation The Greens – The Green Alternative
Parliamentary Group in the EU Parliament Greens (The Greens/European Free Alliance)
Government Part of the government
Political orientation centre-left
Core topic Environment & Climate

Current survey results

An overview of the current survey results of all parliaments
Parliament Current value Latest election 30-days trend
Nationalrat Nationalrat 16.2 +2.3 -1.8
Burgenland Burgenland 8.5 +1.8 +1.8
Kärnten Kärnten 3.1 ±0.0 ±0.0
Niederösterreich Niederösterreich 6.4 ±0.0 ±0.0
Oberösterreich Oberösterreich 14.6 +4.3 ±0.0
Salzburg Salzburg 16.0 +6.7 ±0.0
Steiermark Steiermark 12.1 ±0.0 ±0.0
Tirol Tirol 17.8 +7.1 ±0.0
Vorarlberg Vorarlberg 18.9 ±0.0 ±0.0
Wien Wien 16.6 +4.8 -0.6
The overview shows all parliaments in which the party GRÜNE is listed in election polls. The data is based on the PolitPro election trend, which is calculated daily on the basis of the Sunday polls of leading opinion research institutes.

Politicians in the News Feed

All politicians whose statements are included in the PolitPro news feed
  • Rudolf Anschober
  • Leonore Gewessler
  • Werner Kogler
  • Alma Zadić
  • Sigrid Maurer
The PolitPro news feed combines information from different sources and prepares them chronologically and sorted by topic. Data sources are for example news of leading news portals, statements of politicians on social media platforms, independent political organizations and many more.