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Swedish People’s Party of Finland

Svenska (Svenska folkpartiet i Finland) is a liberal party and currently represented in parliament with 9 MPs. The party advocates liberal lifestyles, has a dream of an open world without borders, and stands for an open-minded immigration policy.

Name Svenska folkpartiet i Finland
Translation Swedish People’s Party of Finland
Group in the EU Parliament RE
Seats in parliament 9 / 200
Political orientation Liberal politics
Government Part of the government
Core topics
  • Advocates liberal lifestyles
  • Open world without borders
  • Open-minded immigration policy
  • Pro multiculturalism
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Current polling data at a glance

Parliament Current poll value Latest election Development
Finland 4.4% 4.5% -0.1

Current government participation

Parliament Coalition

Seats in parliaments


9 / 200 Seats
Election Results Seats
Parliamentary election in Finland 2019 4.5% 9 / 200 Seats
Parliamentary election in Finland 2015 4.9% 9 / 200 Seats

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