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What are significant differences?
The PolitPro election trend, which calculates a time-weighted average value of current election polls, serves as a comparison value. A poll value is considered higher/lower if it is more than one percentage point higher/lower than the election trend. The overview shows all parties for which there is a deviation in a particular direction in at least 30% of the institute's election polls.

Accuracy in elections

Average deviation
On average, party poll results in Civey pre-election polls deviate from the actual result by 1.6 percentage points.
Average ranking
Compared to other institutes' accuracy in pre-election polls, Civey's average ranking is 3.8.

Civey for Spiegel Online

Civey is a Berlin-based start-up that conducts online surveys for opinion and market research. The surveys are spread across websites like, or and every visitor can take part in the survey. Additional data such as age, gender, postal code, income and marital status are also requested, and the survey results are weighted differently on the basis of these criteria. Surveys are regularly published on behalf of Spiegel Online for federal elections as well as state elections. There are repeated legal disputes between Civey and Forsa, for example around the methodology of the surveys or advertising claims.