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In the election trend of the federal states Volt currently reaches 2% in Bremen and 1% in Hesse.

In the last elections, :common_name achieved the best results in Bremen with 2% and Hesse with 1%.

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Parliament Current poll value Latest election Development
Germany - 0.4% -
Baden-Württemberg - 0.5% -
Bavaria - 0.3% -
Berlin - 0.9% -
Brandenburg - - -
Bremen 2.0% 2.0% ±0.0
Hamburg - 1.3% -
Hesse 1.0% 1.0% ±0.0
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - - -
Lower Saxony - 0.5% -
North Rhine-Westphalia - 0.6% -
Rhineland-Palatinate - 1.0% -
Saarland - 0.6% -
Saxony - - -
Saxony-Anhalt - - -
Schleswig-Holstein - 0.3% -
Thuringia - - -


EU Parliament
No seats
The party 'Volt' is a relatively young political movement, founded in Germany in 2017. It is part of a pan-European movement that advocates for the strengthening of European integration.
Volt represents pro-European values and advocates for a federal Europe and a shared European identity. They emphasize the importance of diversity, inclusion, and European solidarity.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic policy, Volt advocates for stronger economic cooperation within the EU, a European minimum wage, and the promotion of start-ups. They support a sustainable and innovative economy.

Labor market

Volt emphasizes the importance of fair working conditions and the strengthening of workers' rights at the European level. They advocate for cross-border labor mobility and equal opportunities.

Health policy

In healthcare policy, Volt advocates for increased European healthcare cooperation and access to high-quality healthcare. They emphasize the importance of prevention and health as a fundamental right.

Environment and energy

Volt advocates for environmental protection, the phase-out of fossil fuels, and the promotion of renewable energies at the European level. They emphasize the importance of climate protection and sustainability.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, Volt advocates for a strong European foreign policy based on diplomacy, human rights, and international cooperation. They emphasize the importance of peace and global stability.


Volt emphasizes the importance of a common European migration policy that prioritizes humanity and integration. They reject isolationism and extremism and advocate for the protection of refugees.

Social Policy

In social policy, Volt advocates for social justice, equal opportunities, and the strengthening of social safety nets in the EU. They emphasize the importance of solidarity and social balance.


Volt supports high-quality education, lifelong learning, and the promotion of digital education. They emphasize the importance of education as a key to personal development and innovation.


Volt advocates for a united and democratic Europe and emphasizes the importance of citizen participation and transparency in the EU. They support a reform of EU institutions.

Mobility & Transport

In transport policy, Volt advocates for cross-border transportation links, sustainable mobility, and the expansion of public transportation. They emphasize the importance of eco-friendly transportation.

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