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Hungarian Socialist Party-Dialogue
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The Magyar Szocialista Párt–Párbeszéd (MSZP) is a political party in Hungary that emerged from the tradition of the Hungarian Socialist Party. It was founded in 1989 and played a significant role in Hungary's political landscape after the end of communism.
MSZP advocates for social democratic values, including social justice, solidarity, and equality. The party emphasizes the importance of the welfare state and support for the poorer segments of the population.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic matters, MSZP advocates for a mixed economy that combines private enterprises and state interventions. They aim for a social market economy and equal opportunities for businesses and workers.

Labor market

MSZP advocates for workers' rights and supports labor laws that protect the interests of employees. They promote collective bargaining and fair wages.

Health policy

In healthcare policy, MSZP aims for high-quality and accessible healthcare for all. They emphasize the importance of the public healthcare system and the protection of health insurance.

Environment and energy

MSZP advocates for environmental protection and sustainability. They support measures to reduce environmental impacts and transition to renewable energies.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, MSZP advocates for close cooperation with the European Union and its member states. They support multilateral approaches to address global issues.


MSZP supports a human rights-based immigration policy and advocates for the integration of migrants into Hungarian society. They emphasize the importance of refugee protection.

Social Policy

In social policy, MSZP advocates for social security, education, and equal opportunities. They support poverty alleviation programs and the promotion of educational opportunities.


MSZP advocates for high-quality education and emphasizes the importance of education for individual development and societal progress.


MSZP has a positive stance towards the European Union and advocates for deeper cooperation with the EU. They emphasize the importance of European integration.

Mobility & Transport

MSZP advocates for sustainable transportation policy and supports measures to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. They emphasize the importance of public transportation and infrastructure.

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