Latvia: All important questions and answers at a glance

All info about elections, parties and the current government

Who is currently governing in Latvia?

The government cabinet in Latvia consists of members of AP! (Liberal politics), JV (Centre-right), K (Centre-right), Nacionālā Apvienība (Right-wing) and PCL (Right-wing). It is headed by Krišjānis Kariņš - the head of state in Latvia is Egils Levits.

What are the governing parties in Latvia?

In Latvia, AP! (Liberal politics), JV (Centre-right), K (Centre-right), Nacionālā Apvienība (Right-wing) and PCL (Right-wing) form the government.

What are the main parties in Latvia?

In addition to the governing AP! (Liberal politics), JV (Centre-right), K (Centre-right), Nacionālā Apvienība (Right-wing) and PCL (Right-wing), ZZS (Environment & Climate), AS (Centre-right), Stabilitātei! (Centre-right), Progresīvie (Centre-left) and LPV (Right-wing) are represented in parliament as opposition parties. Find more info on all parties HERE.

How often is elected in Latvia?

The parliament in Latvia is elected for 4 years. The next election is scheduled for 2026.

When is the next election in Latvia?

The next parliamentary election in Latvia is scheduled to take place in 2026

When was the last election in Latvia?

Parliament in Latvia was last elected on 01.10.2022. All election results are available HERE.

Wer würde in Latvia gewinnen, wenn diesen Sonntag Wahl wäre?

With 19.1%, JV (Centre-right) is in the lead according to current polls. In second place comes K (Centre-right) with 3.2%. Complete Polling data with coalition possibilities.

What is the name of the parliament in Latvia?

Latvias parliament is called "Saeima".

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