Lower Saxony: Latest news at a glance

What's Happening in Lower Saxony

Germany: Car crash kills 4 in Hanover
The high-speed car crash in the northern German city involved two cars. Those that perished were all aged between 17 and 20.
DW.com - 23.08.2023
Germany: Excavator accident leaves 2 dead, several injured
The accident occurred at a camp for fathers and children in the northern state of Lower Saxony. A fire brigade spokesperson said a group had been riding in a box carried by the excavator "for fun."
DW.com - 25.06.2023
Germany: Crossbow attack at train station leaves man injured
The victim was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Authorities are investigating potential far-right motives behind the attack.
DW.com - 18.06.2023
82-year-old German gets 'last warning' for marijuana dealing
A court in Germany's Lower Saxony has handed the man a suspended sentence, adding that it was his last chance to avoid jail. The retired sailor has 24 previous convictions and an ongoing suspended sentence.
DW.com - 05.06.2023
Boris Pistorius to become Germany's new defense minister — reports
Boris Pistorius, interior minister of Lower Saxony, is to become Olaf Scholz's new defense minister, with a crucial NATO meeting on Ukraine approaching.
DW.com - 17.01.2023