Statistics on the parliament in Netherlands

How are the seats distributed based on political orientation?

Current distribution of seats

Distribution of seats by parties

VVD 34
Democraten 66 24
PVV 17
Christen-Democratisch Appèl 15
Socialistische Partij 9
Partij van de Arbeid 9
GroenLinks 8
Forum voor Democratie 8
Partij voor de Dieren 6
ChristenUnie 5
JA21 3
Volt 3
Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij 3
Denk 3
50Plus 1
Bij1 1
Total 150
Distribution of seats by parties

Distribution of seats by political orientation

MPs from the political center
Poltitic orientation left/right
MPs from green parties
MPs from liberal parties
Currently, the parliament of Netherlands (Staten-Generaal) has a size of 150. 38 of the 150 MPs are politically more to the left, 86 MPs are politically more to the right. 0 MPs come from parties with a focus on environmental and climate protection, 34 represent parties with a liberal orientation.
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