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Norway: Parties' positions in comparison

Comparison of positions

Open-minded immigration policy
Strict immigration policy
Pro multiculturalism
Against multiculturalism
Redistribution from rich to poor
Against redistribution from rich to poor
Environmental protection more important than economic growth
Economic growth more important than environmental protection
More investment in public services
Tax cuts
More regulation of markets
Less regulation of markets
More government intervention in markets/economy
Less government intervention in markets/economy
More civil liberties
Strict crime control
Advocates liberal lifestyles
Prefers traditional lifestyles
Open world without borders
Strong nationalism
Free world trade
Protection of local economy
More promotionism
Less promotionalism

Where did the data come from?

The data was collected as part of the 2019 Chapel Hill Expert Survey. As part of this, more than 400 policy experts assessed the positions of major parties. All parties represented in either the national parliament or the EU parliament at the time of the survey were considered. Parties' positions may change over time and differ from the values presented.

Ryan Bakker, Liesbet Hooghe, Seth Jolly, Gary Marks, Jonathan Polk, Jan Rovny, Marco Steenbergen, and Milada Anna Vachudova. 2020. “2019 Chapel Hill Expert Survey.” - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.