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Social Democratic Party

PSD (Partidul Social Democrat) is a center-left party and currently represented in parliament with 110 MPs. The party wants a strong nation-state, favors traditional lifestyles, and favors financial redistributions from rich to poor.

Name Partidul Social Democrat
Translation Social Democratic Party
Group in the EU Parliament S&D
Seats in parliament 110 / 330
Political orientation Centre-left
Government Part of the government
Core topics
  • Strong nationalism
  • Prefers traditional lifestyles
  • Redistribution from rich to poor
  • More government intervention in markets/economy
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Current polling data at a glance

Parliament Current poll value Latest election Development
Romania 35.3% 28.9% +6.4

Current government participation

Parliament Coalition

Seats in parliaments


110 / 330 Seats
Election Results Seats
Parliamentary election in Romania 2020 28.9% 110 / 330 Seats
Parliamentary election in Romania 2016 45.5% 154 / 329 Seats
Parliamentary election in Romania 2012 58.6% 273 / 412 Seats

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