Saarland: All important questions and answers at a glance

All info about elections, parties and the current government

Who is currently governing in Saarland?

In Saarland, Tobias Hans currently rules as head of a government of SPD (Centre-left).

What are the governing parties in Saarland?

In Saarland, the parties from SPD (Centre-left) currently make up the government.

What are the main parties in Saarland?

SPD (Centre-left) currently provide the government. The opposition are formed by CDU (Centre-right) and AfD (Right-wing). Find more info on all parties HERE.

How often is elected in Saarland?

The parliament is elected every 5 year. The next election in Saarland is held in 2027.

When is the next election in Saarland?

The next election of the parliament in Saarland is regularly scheduled to take place in 2027.

When was the last election in Saarland?

The last parliamentary election in Saarland took place on 27.03.2022. All results for the election are available HERE.

Wer würde in Saarland gewinnen, wenn diesen Sonntag Wahl wäre?

In Saarland, current polling indicates SPD (Centre-left) with 43.5% would win the election over SPD (Centre-left) with 43.5%. Complete Polling data with coalition possibilities.

What is the name of the parliament in Saarland?

The parliament in Saarland is called "Saarländischer Landtag".

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