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Green Party

GPS/PES (GRÜNE Schweiz / les VERT-E-S) is a green party and currently represented in parliament with 28 MPs. The party advocates liberal lifestyles, wants more government intervention in the economy, and puts environmental protection above economic interests.

Name GRÜNE Schweiz / les VERT-E-S
Translation Green Party
Seats in parliament 28 / 200
Political orientation Environment & Climate
Core topics
  • Advocates liberal lifestyles
  • More government intervention in markets/economy
  • Environmental protection more important than economic growth
  • Redistribution from rich to poor
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Current polling data at a glance

Parliament Current poll value Latest election Development
Switzerland 11.7% 13.2% -1.5

Seats in parliaments


28 / 200 Seats
Election Results Seats
Parliamentary election in Switzerland 2019 13.2% 28 / 200 Seats
Parliamentary election in Switzerland 2015 7.1% 11 / 200 Seats

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