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What's Happening in Turkey

Sweden and Finland discuss NATO accession with Turkey
Representatives of Sweden, Finland and Turkey are meeting in Brussels to discuss the Nordic countries' NATO accession. Meanwhile, Sweden, which seeks Ankara's support, is tightening the security law.
DW.com - 09.03.2023
New earthquake hits Turkey-Syria border region, death toll rises
More people have died after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck the same border area that was devastated two weeks ago. Germany's foreign minister visited the quake-hit region on Tuesday.
DW.com - 21.02.2023
Turkey-Syria quakes: Survivors rescued after 12 days
Rescuers have pulled earthquake survivors from a building in Antakya, southern Turkey. Meanwhile, ex-English Premier League footballer Christian Atsu's body has been found. DW has the latest.
DW.com - 18.02.2023
Bulgaria: 18 migrants found dead in truck
The truck, which was carrying timber, had hidden close to 40 migrants from Afghanistan. Four Bulgarian suspects have been arrested.
DW.com - 18.02.2023
NATO: Germany urges swift approval of Finland, Sweden bids
Finland and Sweden's NATO membership bids remain blocked by members Turkey and Hungary. Germany's top diplomat Annalena Baerbock said she expected their NATO accession to take place "without further delay."
DW.com - 13.02.2023
Turkey-Syria earthquakes: Grief 'slowly giving way to anger'
Over 25,000 people have now been confirmed dead following earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Rescue teams from Germany and Austria have halted their operations due to the worsening security situation. DW has the latest.
DW.com - 11.02.2023
Turkey-Syria earthquake: Death toll rises, rescues dwindle
Rescues provide a glimmer of hope among Turkey and Syrian quake ruins as toll tops 22,000. DW has the latest.
DW.com - 10.02.2023
Germany closes Istanbul consulate over 'risk of attack'
The German Consulate in Istanbul warned citizens to avoid central areas of Turkey's largest city and avoid crowds. Several European countries have warned of increased risk of attacks in the wake of Quran burnings.
DW.com - 01.02.2023