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The Yeşil Sol Parti (YSP), translated as Green Left Party, is a political party in Turkey. It was founded in 2009 and has its roots in green and left-wing ideologies.
YSP espouses green and left-wing values. The party advocates for environmental protection, social justice, and human rights. It emphasizes the importance of sustainable policies.
In the last election, the party reached 8.8% of the votes. In the current election trend, YSP is at 8.7%. This is a difference of -0.1 compared to the last election result. The party is represented in the current parliament with 62 Seats.

Political positions

Economic Policy

On economic matters, YSP advocates for a socially just economic policy. It emphasizes the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises and fair trade.

Labor market

YSP supports the rights of workers and advocates for better working conditions and fair wages. The party emphasizes the importance of workers' rights.

Health policy

YSP's healthcare policy aims to provide high-quality healthcare for all citizens. It emphasizes the importance of access to healthcare services.

Environment and energy

YSP places special importance on environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural resources. The party advocates for the protection of nature and the expansion of renewable energy.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, YSP emphasizes peace, diplomacy, and cooperation with other countries. The party advocates for peaceful conflict resolution.


YSP supports a humanitarian immigration policy and emphasizes the importance of protecting refugees and migrants. The party advocates for integration measures.

Social Policy

YSP advocates for social security and support for disadvantaged populations. It promotes social programs and poverty reduction.


YSP emphasizes the importance of education and research. It advocates for the support of educational institutions and the quality of education.


YSP supports European integration and cooperation within the European Union. It emphasizes the importance of Turkey in a united Europe.

Mobility & Transport

YSP has plans to improve transportation policies, including the promotion of public transportation and environmentally friendly transport options.

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