Ukraine: Latest news at a glance

What's Happening in Ukraine

Ukraine updates: Kyiv slams Russia's Belarus nuclear plan
Kyiv says it wants UN Security Council action after Moscow announced plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. Russia's leader has accused the West of building an axis against Moscow. DW rounds up the latest. - 26.03.2023
Germany: Number of school pupils rises for 1st time in years
The number of pupils in German schools increased for the first time in six years. The rise is partially attributed to immigration from Ukraine. - 15.03.2023
Ukraine hails early 'victory' over Russia in Eurobond case
The United Kingdom's Supreme Court has ruled that Ukraine can defend a Eurobond lawsuit brought by Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy hailed a victory. - 15.03.2023
Ukraine updates: Russia agrees to extend grain deal 60 days
Moscow has agreed to extend the Black Sea grain deal, but only for a further 60 days. Meanwhile, Ukraine says it is holding on to its positions in Bakhmut. Follow DW for more. - 13.03.2023
Most Germans want compulsory military service return — poll
Compulsory military service was suspended in 2011. A recent survey suggests 61% of Germans want it reintroduced, with over a third saying it should apply to women as well as men. - 09.03.2023
Ukraine updates: EU agrees to start joint arms procurement
EU countries agreed to buy more shells to help Ukraine but still have to work out the specifics. Ukraine and the UN called for an extension of the Black Sea grain deal. DW has the latest. - 08.03.2023
Ukraine updates: Kyiv generals vow to keep defending Bakhmut
Ukrainian generals have stressed withdrawing from Bakhmut is not yet on the table. Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities accuse Russia of shooting a prisoner of war on camera. DW has rounded up the latest. - 07.03.2023
Ukraine updates: 'Painful and difficult' battle of Bakhmut grinds on
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said the battle for Bakhmut is unlikely to "change the tide of the war." Ukrainian forces are said to be in a "painful and difficult" battle in the Donbas. DW rounds up the latest. - 06.03.2023
Von der Leyen to talk raw materials, Ukraine in Canada, US
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is visiting Canada and the United States, eyeing new supplies of critical raw materials and assurances on long-term backing for Ukraine. - 06.03.2023
Eurovision: Rock band Lord of the Lost to represent Germany
The Hamburg-based rock band, known for extravagant costumes and spectacular performances, emerged victorious and will take the stage for Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest. - 04.03.2023
Most Germans would support more defense spending — poll
A new poll in Germany suggests six people in 10 would approve of investing more still in the armed forces, even if it meant making cuts elsewhere or borrowing. They were much less keen on giving up a bank holiday for it. - 03.03.2023
Ukraine calls transfer of children to Russia 'genocidal crime'
At the UN Human Rights Council, Ukraine condemned what officials called Russia's systematic deportation of Ukrainian children. Germany's foreign minister said allies would "not rest until all these kids are home." - 27.02.2023
Germany: Left Party, Wagenknecht clash after 'peace' rally
After a contentious "peace rally" in Berlin that critics said was a platform for Russian propaganda, the socialist Left Party and prominent member Sahra Wagenknecht, who arranged the demo, continued to trade blows. - 27.02.2023
G20: Germany regrets China blocking Russia condemnation
The finance chiefs of the world's largest economies wrapped their convention in India without consensus on condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Germany's finance minister found it "regrettable." - 25.02.2023
Ukraine updates: Germans see arming Ukraine as involvement
A poll conducted by Germany's DPA news agency suggests many Germans disapprove of arming Ukraine in its war against Russia. Meanwhile, Russia's Medvedev denied the country was running out of missiles. DW has the latest. - 25.02.2023
Global demonstrations mark year of war in Ukraine
People staged demonstrations around the world in protest of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine a year after its onset. In Berlin, a disabled Russian tank was put on show near Moscow's embassy. - 24.02.2023
Germany vows solidarity with Ukraine on war anniversary
President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has pledged continued full support for Ukraine and offered doubts about China having a "constructive role" in the conflict. - 24.02.2023
Ukraine marks a year of war after Russia's invasion — as it happened
Ukraine's Zelenskyy says "2023 will be the year of our victory" as Poland says the first Leopard tanks have already been delivered to Kyiv. - 24.02.2023
Ukraine updates: Putin 'doesn't have a plan B'
A former speechwriter for Vladimir Putin tells DW he believes the Russian leader has no "plan B" in Ukraine. Meanwhile, US President Biden has met with leaders from NATO's eastern flank. Follow DW for the latest. - 22.02.2023
Russia, China underline close relations amid war in Ukraine
Russian President Putin and China's top diplomat have met in Moscow saying they would deepen the already "limitless" ties between the two countries. Beijing has said it wants to play a role in ending the war in Ukraine. - 22.02.2023