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Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Liberal politics
EU Parliament
The party is represented in the current parliament with 1 Seats.

Seats in parliaments

United Kingdom

1 / 650 Seats

Explanation of the Overview

The overview shows the number of seats of Alliance in all state parliaments. The first number indicates the number of seats of Alliance in the state parliament of each federal state. The second number serves as a reference and represents the total number of representatives in the state parliament.

By clicking, you can expand the results of the federal states and see the election history of all parliament elections. Each row represents an election result of Alliance in the respective year. The second row indicates the result achieved by Alliance in percentage points of the second votes. In the last column, the number of seats achieved by Alliance is displayed in comparison with the total number of representatives in the state parliament. By clicking on the election, the entire election result of all parties can be viewed.


Is Alliance left-wing or right-wing?

Alliance advocates a mixture of left and right positions.

Which faction in the EU Parliament does Alliance belong to?

Alliance sympathizes with the faction RE (Renew Europe) in the EU Parliament.

In how many federal states is Alliance involved in the government?

Alliance is currently not involved in any government.

What does Alliance stand for?

Alliance is the abbreviation for Alliance Party of Northern Ireland.