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PolitPro Election trend

Political orientation
According to current poll results for USA, the parties would reach the following results: Democrats 49.3%, Republicans 46.3% and Libertarian Party 1.8%.
Parties with a more left-wing orientation (center-left, left, far-left) could achieve 49.3%, parties in the right-wing political spectrum achieve 46.3%.
The current government of Joe Biden could not continue to govern because it would only receive 0% of seats.

Possible coalitions

Development of the electoral trend

Latest election polls

Susquehanna Polling & Research Inc.
1 year ago
Opinion Savvy/InsiderAdvantage
1 year ago
Susquehanna Polling & Research Inc.
1 year ago
Susquehanna Polling & Research Inc.
1 year ago

Things to know about the election trend

This is how the PolitPro election trend is calculated

The PolitPro AI calculates its own election trend from the latest election polls of leading opinion research institutes. The individual values are calculated from a weighted average of the polls. Thereby, time dependencies, i.e. how long ago a poll was asked, or the accuracy of the institutes are also taken into account. The PolitPro election trend therefore allows a quick overview of the different parliaments.
At least 0 persons participated in the election polls included in the election trend. The most recent opinion polls conducted by all institutes with election polls in the last 100 days were taken into account.
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