Election trends and current polls for USA

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Next election: 05.11.2024
The next general election in USA will be held in 700.

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Joe Biden
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What is the name of the parliament in USA?

USAs parliament is called "Presidential Election".

How often is election in USA?

The parliament in USA is elected for 4 years. The next election is scheduled for 2024.

When is the next election in USA?

The next election of the parliament in USA will be held on 05.11.2024.

Current election trend

According to current poll results for USA, the parties would reach the following results: Democrats 48.6%, Republicans 46.5% and Libertarian Party 1.9%. At least 10284 persons participated in the election polls included in the election trend. The most recent opinion polls conducted by all institutes with election polls in the last 100 days were taken into account.

This is how the PolitPro election trend is calculated

The PolitPro AI calculates its own election trend from the latest election polls of leading opinion research institutes. The individual values are calculated from a weighted average of the polls. Thereby, time dependencies, i.e. how long ago a poll was asked, or the accuracy of the institutes are also taken into account. The PolitPro election trend therefore allows a quick overview of the different parliaments.
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