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Croatian Party of Pensioners
EU Parliament
No seats
Founded in 2006, HSU traces its roots to advocate for the interests of the elderly population in Croatia.
HSU places significant emphasis on the dignity and rights of older individuals. The party is a staunch advocate for social security, healthcare, and enhancing the living conditions of seniors.
In the current election trend, HSU is at 2.9%. This is a difference of +2.9 compared to the last election result.

Political positions

Economic Policy

Concerning economic policies, HSU aims to create economic opportunities tailored to the elderly population. Their central focus is promoting the participation of older citizens in the labor market and the broader economy.

Labor market

HSU is resolute in representing the interests of older workers. The party strongly emphasizes the importance of fair working conditions and social security in old age.

Health policy

HSU staunchly advocates for high-quality healthcare for older individuals and unwaveringly supports barrier-free access to medical services. The party passionately champions the health of older citizens.

Environment and energy

HSU places great importance on the environment and sustainability, as they aim to ensure a livable environment for older people. The party passionately advocates for the preservation of natural resources.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, HSU emphasizes the importance of international cooperation and the protection of the interests of the Croatian diaspora. The party passionately advocates for the rights of Croatian seniors abroad.


HSU passionately advocates for a humane immigration policy and emphasizes the integration of migrants into Croatian society. Promoting intercultural understanding is a central concern of the party.

Social Policy

HSU passionately advocates for social justice and the strengthening of social services to improve the quality of life for older citizens.


Promoting educational initiatives and lifelong learning for older people is a cause that HSU passionately pursues. The goal is to enhance the skills and knowledge of older citizens.


HSU is pro-European and passionately emphasizes the importance of Croatia's membership in the European Union. The party passionately advocates for active participation in EU affairs.

Mobility & Transport

HSU passionately advocates for improving transportation infrastructure and environmentally friendly mobility solutions to promote the mobility of older citizens.

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