Malta: Parties at a glance

Parties in comparison

Explanation of the chart

The graph shows the economic orientation of the parties on the X-axis from left to right. The further left, the more actively the state should intervene via taxes, regulations and redistribution. The further to the right, the less the state should intervene.

On the Y-axis from top to bottom, the parties are categorized according to their life models. The further up a party, the more it prioritizes liberal lifestyles over traditional views and material goods. The further down, the more a party aligns itself with traditional lifestyles and sees the state as the moral authority for living together.

Data was collected through the 2019 Chapel Hill Expert Survey by more than 400 policy experts. Party positions may change over time. Therefore, the chart serves only as an overview and cannot make statements about specific political topics.

Ryan Bakker, Liesbet Hooghe, Seth Jolly, Gary Marks, Jonathan Polk, Jan Rovny, Marco Steenbergen, and Milada Anna Vachudova. 2020. “2019 Chapel Hill Expert Survey.” - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


Labour Party

PL (Partit Laburista) is a center-left party that is currently represented in the parliament with 38 MPs. The party advocates liberal lifestyles, advocates more civil liberties, and puts economic interests and stability above environmental protection.

In the current election trend, PL comes in at 48.5%, losing -6.6 compared to the last election.

Name Partit Laburista
Translation Labour Party
Political orientation Centre-left
Government Part of the government
Current poll value 48.5 (-6.6 since last election )
Group in the EU Parliament S&D
Core topics
  • Advocates liberal lifestyles
  • More civil liberties
  • Economic growth more important than environmental protection
  • Free world trade
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Nationalist Party

PN (Partit Nazzjonalista) is a center-right party that is currently represented in parliament with 29 seats. The party wants more free world trade, advocates strict immigration policy, and favors financial redistributions from rich to poor.

In current polls, PN comes in at 45.6%. Compared to the election, that's an increase of +3.9.

Name Partit Nazzjonalista
Translation Nationalist Party
Political orientation Centre-right
Current poll value 45.6 (+3.9 since last election )
Group in the EU Parliament EPP
Core topics
  • Free world trade
  • Strict immigration policy
  • Redistribution from rich to poor
  • Strict crime control
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ADPD (Alternattiva Demokratika - Partit Demokratiku) is a green party from Malta.

Compared to the last election, ADPD scores an increase of +0.3 and comes in at 1.9%.

Name Alternattiva Demokratika - Partit Demokratiku
Translation ADPD
Political orientation Environment & Climate
Current poll value 1.9 (+0.3 since last election )
All information at a glance: ADPD