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Evangelical People's Party
EU Parliament
The Evangelical People's Party of Switzerland (EVP) was founded in 1919 and has its roots in the Christian social movement. It represents Christian values and advocates for social justice and sustainability.
EVP represents Christian values such as charity, solidarity, and responsibility. It advocates for social justice, environmental protection, and the sanctity of life.
In the last election, the party reached 2.0% of the votes. In the current election trend, EVP/PEV is at 2.0%. This is a difference of ±0.0 compared to the last election result. The party is represented in the current parliament with 2 Seats.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic matters, EVP focuses on a social market economy based on responsibility and sustainability. It promotes ethical business practices and the support of small businesses.

Labor market

The party advocates for fair working conditions, wage equality, and the protection of workers' rights. It emphasizes the importance of job security.

Health policy

In healthcare policy, EVP emphasizes access to healthcare for all citizens and the promotion of prevention and health promotion.

Environment and energy

The party emphasizes environmental protection and sustainability and advocates for biodiversity preservation, conservation of natural resources, and combating climate change.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, EVP advocates for peace, disarmament, and international cooperation. It emphasizes the importance of human rights and development aid.


The party supports a humanitarian immigration policy and advocates for the rights of refugees and migrants. It emphasizes the positive role of immigration for Switzerland.

Social Policy

EVP advocates for social security, equal opportunities, and the fight against poverty and discrimination. It promotes social programs and education.


The party emphasizes the importance of education and advocates for high-quality educational institutions, teachers, and curricula. It supports diversity in the education system.


The party supports close cooperation with the EU and advocates for international environmental agreements and a humane immigration policy.

Mobility & Transport

Regarding transportation policy, EVP focuses on sustainable mobility, expanding public transportation, and promoting eco-friendly transportation options.

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Seats in parliaments


2 / 200 Seats