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Mi Hazánk

Our Homeland Movement
Far right
EU Parliament
Mi Hazánk, which translates to 'Our Homeland' in English, is an extreme right-wing political party in Hungary. The party was founded in 2018 and espouses nationalist and anti-migrant views.
Mi Hazánk advocates for the preservation of Hungarian culture and identity. The party emphasizes its opposition to migration and multiculturalism and promotes strong nationalism.
In the current election trend, Mi Hazánk is at 8.7%. This is a difference of +8.7 compared to the last election result. The party is represented in the current parliament with 7 Seats.

Political positions

Economic Policy

On economic matters, Mi Hazánk advocates for protectionist policies. The party supports trade restrictions and subsidies for domestic businesses.

Labor market

Mi Hazánk advocates for the rights of Hungarian workers and opposes foreign labor. The party calls for strict immigration restrictions.

Health policy

Mi Hazánk's healthcare policy aims to improve healthcare for Hungarian citizens. The party advocates for the expansion of the healthcare system.

Environment and energy

Mi Hazánk does not have distinct environmental protection policies and focuses on other political issues. The party does not have clear positions on sustainability.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, Mi Hazánk espouses nationalist views and emphasizes Hungary's independence in international affairs. The party has a critical stance towards the European Union.


Mi Hazánk is known for its strong opposition to migration and refugee intake. The party advocates for strict immigration restrictions and the protection of Hungarian borders.

Social Policy

Mi Hazánk's social programs focus on domestic citizens and emphasize the protection of national identity. The party does not have clear positions on social justice.


Mi Hazánk's education policy aims to strengthen Hungarian culture and history in the curricula. The party emphasizes the promotion of national educational content.


Mi Hazánk has a skeptical attitude towards the European Union and emphasizes Hungary's national sovereignty. The party advocates for a more independent foreign policy.

Mobility & Transport

Mi Hazánk places importance on the modernization of transportation infrastructure and the strengthening of public transportation. The party emphasizes the importance of an efficient mobility policy.

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