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New Unity

JV (Jaunā Vienotība) is a center-right party that is currently represented in parliament with 23 seats. The party rejects further redistribution from rich to poor, wants less government intervention in the economy, and wants more free world trade.

Name Jaunā Vienotība
Translation New Unity
Group in the EU Parliament EPP
Seats in parliament 23 / 100
Political orientation Centre-right
Government Part of the government
Core topics
  • Against redistribution from rich to poor
  • Less government intervention in markets/economy
  • Free world trade
  • Advocates liberal lifestyles
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Current polling data at a glance

Parliament Current poll value Latest election Development
Latvia 18.8% 19.1% -0.3

Current government participation

Parliament Coalition

Seats in parliaments


23 / 100 Seats
Election Results Seats
Parliamentary election in Latvia 2022 19.1% 23 / 100 Seats
Parliamentary election in Latvia 2018 6.7% 8 / 100 Seats
Parliamentary election in Latvia 2014 21.9% 23 / 100 Seats

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