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Progressive Slovakia
EU Parliament
Progresívne Slovensko (PS), translated as Progressive Slovakia, was founded in 2017 and is a relatively young political party in Slovakia. It focuses on progressive ideas and promoting innovation and change in politics.
PS adheres to progressive values, including openness, transparency, and promoting citizen engagement. The party advocates for social justice, equality, and the protection of minority rights.
In the last election, the party reached 18.0% of the votes. In the current election trend, PS is at 18.2%. This is a difference of +0.2 compared to the last election result. The party is represented in the current parliament with 42 Seats.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic matters, PS advocates for an innovation-driven policy that supports startups and technological development. The party emphasizes the importance of dynamic economic growth.

Labor market

PS considers the labor market crucial for prosperity and advocates for job security and fair wages. The party promotes labor rights and working conditions.

Health policy

PS's healthcare policy focuses on expanding the healthcare system and providing access to high-quality medical care for all citizens. The party advocates for prevention and health promotion.

Environment and energy

PS places a strong emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability. They support measures to reduce environmental impact and promote renewable energy to reduce the ecological footprint.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, PS adopts a pro-European stance and emphasizes the importance of close relations with the European Union. They support multilateral diplomacy and international cooperation.


PS pursues an inclusive immigration policy and advocates for the integration of migrants into Slovak society. They emphasize cultural diversity and the contribution of migrants.

Social Policy

PS advocates for comprehensive social security and poverty alleviation programs. They promote educational opportunities and social cohesion.


PS supports a modern education policy focused on quality and innovation in the education system. They promote lifelong learning and digital education.


PS supports Slovakia's membership in the European Union and emphasizes the country's role in EU politics. They aim for a more active involvement in shaping the European future.

Mobility & Transport

PS has plans to improve transportation policies, including investments in sustainable transportation solutions and promoting public transit.

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