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PiS is a political party in Poland, founded in 2001. It was established by the twin brothers Lech and Jarosław Kaczyński.
PiS is a national-conservative party that emphasizes Catholic and social values and advocates for the sovereignty of Poland.
In the current election trend, PiS is at 34.8%. This is a difference of +34.8 compared to the last election result.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic policy, PiS advocates for a mixed economy and supports social programs to improve living conditions.

Labor market

PiS promotes the labor market and advocates for job creation and higher wages.

Health policy

In healthcare policy, PiS advocates for the expansion of the healthcare system and access to medical care.

Environment and energy

PiS has mixed views on environmental policy and supports the promotion of the coal industry in Poland.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, PiS emphasizes Poland's security and maintains close relations with the USA and NATO.


PiS is skeptical of immigration and emphasizes the preservation of national identity and security.

Social Policy

In social policy, PiS supports social programs and family policy to increase the birth rate in Poland.


PiS emphasizes the importance of education and advocates for educational reforms and the protection of traditional values in schools.


PiS is critical of excessive integration in the European Union and emphasizes the national sovereignty of Poland.

Mobility & Transport

In transport policy, PiS advocates for the development of transportation infrastructure and the modernization of roads and railways.

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