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Reform UK

Reform UK
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Reform UK was founded in 2021 and emerged from the Brexit Party. The party espouses populist positions.
Reform UK emphasizes the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, Brexit, and reducing state interference in the daily lives of citizens.
In the last election, the party reached 2.0% of the votes. In the current election trend, Reform UK is at 7.5%. This is a difference of +5.5 compared to the last election result.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic policy, Reform UK advocates for business-friendly policies, lower taxes, and boosting entrepreneurship.

Labor market

The party supports labor rights but opposes excessive regulation. It emphasizes the need to keep the labor market flexible.

Health policy

In healthcare policy, Reform UK opposes strict lockdown measures and emphasizes individual choices regarding health and vaccinations.

Environment and energy

Reform UK advocates for balanced environmental policies and emphasizes the importance of economic development alongside environmental protection.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, the party emphasizes the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and strengthening trade relations with other nations.


Reform UK advocates for stricter immigration policies, emphasizing border control and national security.

Social Policy

In social policy, Reform UK emphasizes individual responsibility and less state support. They advocate for lower taxes for citizens.


The party values educational freedom and diversity. They emphasize the need for school choice options for parents and students.


The party opposes close ties to the European Union and supports an independent trade policy for the United Kingdom.

Mobility & Transport

In transport policy, Reform UK focuses on improving transportation infrastructure and enhancing road networks.

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