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Les Républicains

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The Les Républicains party, often abbreviated as LR, was founded in 2015 and is the result of a reorganization of the conservative political spectrum in France.
Les Républicains represent conservative values and advocate for the strengthening of the family, the economy, and national identity.
In the last election, the party reached 7.0% of the votes. In the current election trend, Les Républicains is at 11.0%. This is a difference of +4.0 compared to the last election result. The party is represented in the current parliament with 61 Seats.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic policy, the party supports market-oriented reforms, the promotion of entrepreneurship, and the reduction of taxes and social contributions.

Labor market

Les Républicains advocate for labor market flexibility and support the adaptation of labor laws to promote employment.

Health policy

In healthcare policy, they emphasize the need for efficiency and competition in healthcare to improve healthcare delivery.

Environment and energy

Les Républicains promote a balanced environmental policy that reconciles economic growth and environmental protection.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, they emphasize the importance of close relations with European partners and a strong position in international affairs.


Les Républicains advocate for restrictive immigration policies and support border control and the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Social Policy

In social policy, they emphasize the importance of social responsibility and support for families, as well as the preservation of social benefits.


Les Républicains place great importance on education and advocate for school autonomy and the strengthening of the education system.


The party advocates for a strong role for France in the European Union and the further development of the EU.

Mobility & Transport

In transport policy, they focus on the modernization of transportation infrastructure and the promotion of environmentally friendly transportation options.

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Seats in parliaments


61 / 577 Seats