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Far right
EU Parliament
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Reconquête is a far-right new political movement founded in 2021. It emerged from concerns about France's national identity and the safety of its citizens.
The party emphasizes the importance of national sovereignty, cultural heritage, and immigration control. They advocate for the protection of the French identity.
In the current election trend, Reconquête is at 7.0%. This is a difference of +7.0 compared to the last election result.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic policy, Reconquête focuses on protecting national interests and promoting domestic businesses. They are skeptical of global trade agreements.

Labor market

The party advocates for better working conditions for French workers and protection from foreign competition. They support a protectionist approach.

Health policy

In healthcare policy, they emphasize the protection of public health and the fight against the overburdening of the healthcare system.

Environment and energy

Reconquête values the preservation of France's natural environment and the promotion of renewable energy. They emphasize national self-sufficiency.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, they emphasize France's sovereignty and the preservation of national interests. They are against excessive involvement in international alliances.


Reconquête advocates for strict immigration policies and border control. They are against unrestricted immigration.

Social Policy

In social policy, they emphasize the protection of national culture and traditions. They are skeptical of social changes that could jeopardize these.


Reconquête advocates for an education policy that highlights French identity and history. They are against excessive influence of international educational content.


Reconquête is against deeper integration into the European Union and emphasizes the importance of France's national sovereignty.

Mobility & Transport

In transport policy, they emphasize the promotion of national transportation infrastructure and the reduction of dependence on foreign means of transport.

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