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Parti socialiste

Socialist Party
EU Parliament
No seats
The Parti socialiste, often abbreviated as PS, was founded in 1905 and is one of the oldest and most traditional political parties in France. It has historical ties to socialist ideals.
The Parti socialiste upholds socialist values and advocates for social justice, solidarity, and workers' rights. They support government intervention in the economy.
In the current election trend, Parti socialiste is at 9.0%. This is a difference of +9.0 compared to the last election result.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic policy, the party promotes a mixed economy and emphasizes the importance of social spending and public services.

Labor market

The Parti socialiste advocates for strong workers' rights and labor unions. They support collective bargaining and reduced working hours.

Health policy

In healthcare policy, the party emphasizes the importance of a high-quality healthcare system and access to healthcare for all citizens.

Environment and energy

The Parti socialiste places a strong emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development. They support measures to reduce environmental impacts.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, the party emphasizes cooperation with other countries and multilateral organizations. They support the promotion of peace and human rights.


The Parti socialiste advocates for a humanitarian immigration policy and supports the integration of immigrants into French society.

Social Policy

In social policy, the party emphasizes the importance of social benefits and support for vulnerable citizens.


The Parti socialiste advocates for high-quality education and emphasizes the promotion of equal opportunities in the education system.


The Parti socialiste supports European integration and an active role for France in the European Union.

Mobility & Transport

In transport policy, they focus on modern transportation infrastructure and the expansion of public transportation.

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