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Les Verts

Europe Ecology – The Greens
Environment & Climate
EU Parliament
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Les Verts, or simply The Greens, were founded in 1984 and are a political party that focuses on environmental protection and social justice. They emerged from the environmental movement in France.
The Greens represent environmental protection, sustainability, and social justice. They advocate for ecological responsibility and the fight against climate change.
In the current election trend, Les Verts is at 9.0%. This is a difference of +9.0 compared to the last election result.

Political positions

Economic Policy

In economic policy, they promote a green economy and the advancement of green technologies. They support the creation of green jobs.

Labor market

The Greens advocate for fair working conditions, reduced working hours, and the promotion of sustainable work practices.

Health policy

In healthcare policy, they emphasize the importance of prevention, mental health, and an accessible healthcare system for all citizens.

Environment and energy

The Greens promote sustainable environmental policy, the protection of biodiversity, and the phase-out of fossil fuels.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, they emphasize the need for global cooperation in the fight against climate change and the promotion of human rights worldwide.


The Greens advocate for a humanitarian immigration policy and support refugees. They support a fair distribution of migrants.

Social Policy

In social policy, they emphasize the importance of social justice, equal opportunities, and support for disadvantaged populations.


The Greens advocate for inclusive education that promotes diversity and environmental awareness. They support the strengthening of educational institutions.


The Greens advocate for deeper European integration and a stronger role for France in the EU. They emphasize the importance of cross-border environmental protection measures.

Mobility & Transport

In transport policy, they focus on expanding public transportation and environmentally friendly transportation solutions to reduce environmental impacts.

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