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In the election trend of the federal states BSW currently reaches 11% in Brandenburg.

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Parliament Current poll value Latest election Development
Germany - - -
Baden-Württemberg - - -
Bavaria - - -
Berlin - - -
Brandenburg 11.0% - +11.0
Bremen - - -
Hamburg - - -
Hesse - - -
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - - -
Lower Saxony - - -
North Rhine-Westphalia - - -
Rhineland-Palatinate - - -
Saarland - - -
Saxony - - -
Saxony-Anhalt - - -
Schleswig-Holstein - - -
Thuringia - - -


Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht
EU Parliament
No seats
The 'Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht - For Reason and Justice' (BSW) was founded in the fall of 2023 from a split-off of the party Die Linke.
The party upholds core values such as social justice, economic rationality, peace, and personal freedom.

Political positions

Economic Policy

Economically, the party advocates for an innovative economy, fair competition, well-paid jobs, and a just tax system. They aim to limit market-dominating corporations and, when necessary, prioritize nonprofit providers.

Labor market

The party supports fair wages, secure employment, and good working conditions. They endorse strengthening collective bargaining agreements and facilitating the general applicability of such agreements.

Health policy

The party has not expressed an explicit position on health policies in their manifest.

Environment and energy

The party emphasizes the importance of honest climate and environmental policies. They focus on developing innovative key technologies for a climate-neutral and environmentally friendly economy of the future.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, the party fundamentally rejects the resolution of conflicts through military means. They aim for a new era of détente and new agreements on disarmament and shared security.


The party sees immigration and the coexistence of different cultures as a potential enrichment as long as immigration remains at a level that does not overburden the national infrastructure. They emphasize the importance of integration.

Social Policy

The party aims for a fair meritocracy with real equal opportunities and a high degree of social security. They seek a fair distribution of wealth and the promotion of social justice.


The party emphasizes the need for investments in the education system and the improvement of educational opportunities for all. They view educational policies as key to individual development and societal prosperity.


The party supports an independent policy for Europe's sovereign democracies in a multipolar world and opposes a new bloc confrontation. They emphasize the importance of a stable security architecture that also includes Russia in the long term.

Mobility & Transport

The text does not contain specific information about the party's transportation policy.

Statement Info

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